House sit / watch

Image of mailbox in front of house

One way to make, or at least save, money is to watch other people's houses while they are away. Activities would include collecting mail and newspapers, taking care of pets, maintaining the house, and making sure the house looks lived-in.

House watching might be done for a fee, where the watcher checks in on a regular basis without actually living in the home. This is a way to make a little income, perhaps watching the homes of snow birds while they are away.

House sitting is a variation where you actually live in the house rent-free, to take care of it while the owners are gone. House sitting is a way to keep expenses down while traveling. It allows you to stay in a remote location for a period of time without paying for hotels or other accomodations. A good way to explore that option is to use one of several house-sitting web sites to find available homes in other locations.

Frequently pet sitting is involved as well, so the owners can be assured their pets are being taken care of in their absence. If so, the house sitters must be comfortable managing the pets.

Both home owners and house sitters need to be aware of security considerations, especially when working with people you've never met that live far away. In all cases, homeowners should leave detailed information about who to contact and what to do in the case of problems with heat or water or other emergencies.

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